FFEI Profile

Florida Forensic Engineering, Inc. was established by Dr. Richard Kent Spears in 1988. We provide services across the state of Florida and beyond. FFEI clients include:

  • Defense & Plaintiff Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies & Adjusters
  • Individuals & Companies

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We Hear You

We listen to our clients’ requests providing the best and most timely service possible. FFEI is dedicated to the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. We are proud that the majority of our casework is from repeat clients. FFEI accepts challenging projects:

  • insure qualified and valuable analysis
  • insure our clients understands that our analysis will not be bias and that it is fully based on engineering principles which may or may not be favorable to them.

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Why Call FFEI

  • Commitment to our Clients
  • Experience, Comprehensive Support and State-of-the-Art Technical Resources
  • Competitive, Effective & Cost Efficient

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