FFEI Goes Virtual

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Dear Clients,

As a result of the recently changing business and social distancing environment Florida Forensic Engineering, Inc. established the necessary infrastructure for continuous service to our clients through remote connection and video conferencing. FFEI is suspending use of the Tampa office and evidence warehouse, in part due to the new building complex owner. As a result, FFEI will no longer maintain a general office nor store evidence but will be operating in a virtual remote environment. 

FFEI is in the process of contacting all cases with evidence in storage to make alternative storage arrangements. FFEI will maintain a small office in Sarasota mainly for the support of computer infrastructure, technical equipment and limited subpoena service. We request all of our clients to accept notices and provide them electronically to FFEI by email. FFEI is requesting all case materials and written communication to be provided through electronic means. 

Please send checks to our new mailing address;
3231 Gulf Gate Dr, suite 104, 
Sarasota, FL 34231. 

All emails and phone numbers remain unchanged. Thank you for your cooperation in facilitating our virtual office and we look forward to providing continued services to all. The ability of our engineers to be available to meet our clients’ needs will remain unchanged.  


Elliot L. Stern, Ph.D., P.E.

Florida Forensic Engineering, Inc.
Phone: 813-868-3334
Fax: 813-514-1523

We ask that all correspondence to our office be sent electronically where possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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